Meet these cuties who were born with a rare condition because of which they only have two legs

Meet these two kittens from the same litter, each born with an intriguing abnormality. They don’t have any back legs at all. Despite their handicaps, the two siblings figured out how to walk nearly as soon as ordinary little cats began to walk.

They walk well on their front legs, and their tails help them maintain balance. Whenever they were born, their owners posted photos of the kittens on the internet in order to find their owners.

When the photos were seen by volunteers from a sanctuary, they decided to take care of the cats themselves. By all accounts, the situation appears to be out of the ordinary.

It is expected that their inconsistency is due to inbreeding, as their mother and father were siblings. According to the organizer behind the shelter, the lack of two rear legs appears to have a significant impact on the little cats’ versatility.

They walk and run happily, and they’ve even figured out how to bounce on seats and a couch. At the moment, the behavior and health of small cats are being closely monitored.

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