Meet the world’s largest puppy, 180 pounds and 6 feet tall, made to look like an extinct ancient dog

After his house was invaded, Jared considered adopting a huge security dog. As a result, this four-month-old child emerged in his home.

The puppy weighed roughly 130 pounds at the time.

By six months, the dog was able to reach the dining table without even getting up from the floor.

The dog required at least eight full bowls of dog food every day. This was when he was only nine months old.

The owner of the unusual pet contacted hundreds of huge dog breeders. He looked on the Internet, and discovered that the dog is the largest puppy in the world.

Despite his weight of more than 220 pounds, the dog effortlessly knocks the owner to the ground while playing.

The dog can knock a person down simply by wagging her tail. ‘When people see the dog, they constantly ask me how I handle her. They refer to me as a lion tamer,’ Jared explains. The pet, he claims, has a tremendous influence on people.

Drivers lose control of their vehicles as they look at a strolling dog. Despite her height and severe demeanor, the dog is not aggressive. On a walk, she even lets visitors massage her – although not everyone is brave enough to do so.

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