Meet the real-life Mowgli who has gained fame on social media for his extraordinary relationship with animals

Many people refer to this individual as the modern-day Mowgli. The man enjoys the name, and he presents himself in an appropriate way.

Kody has long hair and frequently wears black leopard-print shorts that look like a piece of cloth.

His father’s business is carried on by him. He studies and works with wild cats. By the way, the only huge tiger in the world is being managed by their family.

The animal is a mix of both a tiger and a lion.

A liger can weigh up to 410 kilograms.

Research done by Kody’s father showed that ligers formerly were present on Earth, which accounts for the similarity between these two feline species.

Kody grew up interacting with animals and finally learned the skill of training them.

The man seems completely at ease around these animals.

He imitates the sound of lions and tigers while playing with them.

His family also has an elephant and a chimpanzee in their center in addition to tigers. He always tries to find time for each animal.

What an interesting story. Would you like to be him?

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