Meet Mooney, the cute dog with a ‘moon’ eye who is winning the internet’s heart

Hetrochromia, which can impact the eye, hair or fur, and skin, is a change in coloring brought on by the generation of melanin.

When it has an effect on the iris, it may be systemic; the same iris has two separate colors—or complete, giving one eye a different hue from the other.

With sectoral iridium hetrochromia, Mooney, a stunning mixed dog living in Moscow, Russia, has a left eye that has two colors, resembling a moon.

On the other hand, his right eye is entirely light blue. Hetrochromia has also significantly impacted his fur, as we can see from his face.

It goes without saying that Mooney’s distinctive appearance and amusing facial expression have attracted the interest of many animal lovers, who adore her Instagram images that she shares with her pal Cherry.

Scroll down to see photos of one of Instagram’s cutest animals, Mooney, that our site has chosen for you.This dog is so beautiful and unique.

She has also got a unique name. Nature will never stop to amaze us with its endless wonders. Cool, isn’t she?

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