Meet Marlene Hetman, a 69-year-old woman who traveled the globe without spending a single money

She has also been able to go to many other locations during the previous 19 years, including Denmark, Vancouver, Paris, and Spain.

Woman has traveled approximately halfway around the world overall. She also didn’t spend any money on her hobbies at the same time.

The woman always pretended to be traveling with others in order to get free passage on the aircraft.

2002 marked her first free flight. Her destination was Denmark. Only recently did the story of Marlene’s airport detention come to light.

In actuality, the woman had previously been stopped in 2014, and the court had formally ordered her to stop doing her ‘techniques’.

But the media didn’t notice the situation at the time. This time, the woman was stopped at Heathrow Airport and was open about how she obtains free flights.

«I didn’t lie to anybody. It was frequently unnecessary to start a discussion.

If someone was visible in front of me, I just tried to pass the control immediately behind him.

Everyone believed that I was working for the company during the search, Hetman added. Hetman boarded more than 30 flights in all.

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