Margot Robbie wore a vintage style bikini top on a special date night with hubby Tom AckerIey

The event attracted a large number of celebrities because it was the first after the Met GaIa 2023, which was held on May 1 as a memorial to the late designer KarI LagerfeId.

The actress wore her long, light hair out in free twists. She looks so cool.

She chose the honorable route in a stunning supermodel’s latest dark, flowing ChaneI gown with gold channeling and a neckline made of a transparent undergarment.

1993 is the year that my ChaneI garment was first worn.

They completely redesigned it for me, and it was certainly KarI’s idea. She discussed the item, which was a part of the new collection a long time ago.

It was affirmed, ‘I actually feel really great about it.’ I had the extraordinary honor of getting to know KarI slightly, the speaker said.

Truly, Jesus chose me as the final ChaneI delegate. It’s an honor. I’m overjoyed that they are recognizing him tonight for his outstanding work.

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