Man has tattoos on 95% of his body and looks like a Hollywood star without them

Taylor was a regular guy who didn’t stand out in any way.

Until one wonderful day when he decided to completely alter his life and move to Denmark.

Not only did he opt to relocate, but he also decided to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. In Denmark, he is trained by the top masters.

Taylor chose not to waste time on unimportant matters and tattooed 95% of his body. His body was worked on by several masters.

The entire project took 260 hours and cost $54,000. His tattoo is in Japanese design. The parents were unhappy with their son’s selection.

He provided a photo of his face with the customary contours, but no drawings, for them. This decision was likewise not well received by the followers.

The man was indeed a Hollywood beauty. Taylor, on the other hand, holds a different viewpoint.

He claims he doesn’t care what other people think of him. And he tells everyone not to think about the tattoo’s significance or how others would see them.

If you enjoy it, go ahead and do it! What do you think?

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