Madonna, 64, started dating a 29 years old coach: The singer made the decision not to spend a long time alone

Journalists recently learned that she divorced her 23 years old boyfriend.

It turned out that the gap existed even prior to the Grammy Awards, which were followed by almost all media coverage of the artist’s new persona.

She has been taken again, according to reporters at the Daily Mail.

Additionally, the artist chosen this time around is older than her previous lovers.

According to reports in the media, she started dating a boxing trainer who is 29 years old. However, he is 25 years younger than the artist.

Moreover, the couple’s joint photos are already available online. They were once posted on the blog by the coach himself.

Even before that, pictures were discovered, and her fans began to wonder what kind of relationship she has with him.

The fans, on the other hand, settled down and decided that they were friendly once they learned that he was coaching her children.

The star’s own comments are now anticipated by Internet users. She has, however, so far avoided discussing her personal life.

The celebrity shared in one of her most recent posts that she had grown accustomed to frequently encountering criticism in her address over the course of her career.

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