Madonna, 64, finished her relationship with a 23-year-old boyfriend: After the separation, insiders revealed how the celebrity is feeling

The singer divorced her young boyfriend in spring of last year. Prior to that, they had been together for three years.

According to insiders, the celebrity’s busy schedule, not the age difference, was the reason the relationship ended.

She began to become increasingly present in the company of a boyfriend who was 23 at the time a few months later.

Insiders insisted that she and him were dating, despite the fact that the celebrity blog did not confirm their relationship.

The couple’s relationship appears to be developing quite quickly. However, in recent times, it was short-lived.

It was more like a casual relationship than anything serious. In an interview with reporters, the insider provided the following explanation: ‘It’s just that now this gap happened at an inopportune time.’

He went on to say that the artist is currently not in the best of health.

She is having some doubts about herself. Additionally, he offered her some assistance. The source added, ‘But it wasn’t love or anything like that.’

The artist herself said that she was already used to this kind of relationship, that she looked great, and that wide-angle lenses were the real reason her photos didn’t work.

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