lrina Shayk, 37, stoked the flames of rumors that she was having an affair with Leonardo DiCaprio: the actor’s reaction

Numerous celebrities were among the first to see the new version of the timeless classic.

lrina couldn’t miss one of the headliners of the celebration.

The supermodel, who lately favors strict masculine or provocative looks, surprised everyone by wearing a couture princess dress that was very romantic and very feminine.

Nevertheless, lrina would not be herself if she had not added sauce and displayed a striking neckline, which she wisely chose to conceal with jewelry.

With her appearance on honorary pathway, the excellence energized tales about an issue with Leo , the lead entertainer in the film.

In the middle of April, speculation about the stars’ possible relationship surfaced for the first time.

The actor and model was then captured by the paparazzi in California at one of the CoacheIIa festival parties.

It would appear that a significant opportunity has presented itself to either decisively refute or confirm the speculations of the gossips.

Sadly, the fans did not wait for any information either this time. Leo was not occupied by the model and, feeling somewhat melodious, presented with different legends of the night.

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