Love has no age restrictions; so, an 86-year-old American model has chosen to remarry

Melanie was a model in the 1950s, and even at the age of 86, she still exhibits grace, elegance, and beauty.

Facebook users learned this after seeing pictures of the 80-year-old on his recent wedding day go viral.

Last weekend, Melanie gran, as her adorable grandchildren refer to her, walked in a magnificent purple bridal gown that she created herself.

Having known Harry Davidson for around 60 years, she replied ‘yes.’

Melanie was married to her grandfather for 41 years, until his passing in 1992, according to one of the bride’s granddaughters.

Melanie began taking him to church every Sunday and eventually moved in to assist with his care.

The pair decided to get married soon after he started feeling better.

On Tuesday, a granddaughter posted a picture of her grandma on Facebook along with the message, ‘Our family couldn’t be happier for her.

She has found love again almost 25 years later. This is proof positive that anyone may find love again and that age is just a number.

Since Nana Melanie’s tale is motivational and her sense of style is stunning, all the attention is not surprising.

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