Llzzo stated during her grammys speech that she did not attend the class to watch the pop icon perform

After receiving the honor, she gave an emotional acceptance speech in which he thanked other well-known musicians, including Yonce.

She shared a tale about not attending the class to attend the singer’s performance as a result. I missed school to come see you perform.

‘You altered my life,’ Llzzo replied. Llzzo’s pop song Special from her album 2022 received Record of the Year.

Before entering the stage, Lzzo gave Adele a hug and praised her for her success.

Llzzo began her address by expressing gratitude to Prince for inspiring her to write music that brings joy to others.

She then switched her focus to Yonce and said that she did not attend the literature class in the sixth grade so she could see her perform live.

I was moved by the song you sang, and I thought, ‘I want to make people feel like this.

After Lzzo ended her statement, the host praised her for her insightful remarks and proposed creating a new genre for the greatest speech.

Llzzo’s emotional address at the Awards was concluded with a very enthusiastic walk from the audience, who gave her the greatest applause that evening.

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