Little duck is obsessed with his lover that is quite larger than him

This duck is one of Emma’s favorite ducks, so when she heard one had taken up residence at a nearby reservoir, she rushed to see him up close. Nonetheless, when she arrived, the small duck was in excellent company.

The duck had a sweetheart girlfriend several times bigger than him. Furthermore, he was attempting to keep larger ducks away from his beloved.

It’s possibly the smallest duck yet this tiny guy seems to understand that size isn’t everything.

These ducks are fast and coordinated, and they woo their partners with sophisticated motions and vocal displays.

‘The female duck seemed perfectly content with her tiny admirer,’ she continued.

‘It was a pleasure to witness.’ Emma isn’t the only one who’s seen this unlikely couple. Other bird enthusiasts have been making special trips throughout March to see the resevoir’s newest celebrity couple.

While crossbreeding is not impossible in ducks, it is extremely rare.

Regardless, with any luck, these serious birds will lay a slew of eggs this year, giving birth to a few adorably charming ducks.

What an amazing story, isn’t it?

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