Little dog becomes a web sensation because it appears to be a cross between a pup and a kitty

People frequently ask, ‘Are you a kitty or a doggy person?’ as if you could choose one. Obviously, many animal lovers have room in their hearts for both.

However, if you can only manage one pet, you must sometimes choose between… or not?

It turns out that there is one animal that has figured out how to have the smartest possible solution, appearing to be a cross between a feline and a canine.

This strange little doggy appears to be a canine’s face on a feline’s body, with possibly a fox touch — and netizens say he appears to change from feline to canine in the photograph: He lives in Vietnam with his owners.

Aside from the fact that he appears to be a feline canine, he also has amusing and unusual articulations.

It’s not surprising, then, that the dog has become a web-based sensation, both in his own country and elsewhere.

His Facebook page now has over 232,000 followers, which explains why he is so cheerful.

Despite his unusual appearance, he is just a regular, happy dog. He enjoys the opportunity to interact with people and their canine companions, ‘the proprietor says. ‘He is truly amusing’.

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