Like a scene from a movie: Young deer are attracted to the sound of harp played by a young woman

Despite their beauty, deer are extremely timid and humble animals.

They are the kind of people who want to avoid the spotlight and are quick to notice any indication of risk.

It would be an understatement to say that they are incredibly calm and serene animals.

Due to their great distance from most humans, they are not even visible up close.

Despite being cautious by nature, one deer in particular couldn’t help emerging from the woods when they heard some stunningly lovely music.

Initially, there was a harp. According to a few scientific studies, certain animals like the sound of music, and a video released by Nina SV accidentally supports this claim.

On a beautiful day in Montreal, Canada, Nina, 25, recorded a video of herself playing the harp there.

It seemed like a scene from a movie because the surroundings were so peaceful and serene and the lovely sound she was making.

A deer abruptly appeared from the woods as if looking for the source of the music, defying our belief that it could get any better. Cool, isn’t it?

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