Lady sees a stray kitty on Facebook and recognizes it as her pet who went missing 12 years ago

Elfie the cat went missing in 2009. Sherlee, his owner, made a great effort to be seen as the pet.

She attached posters around the city, visited adjacent shelters, and spoke with locals, but her search generated no results.

Years passed, and the lady lost all faith in her pet’s ability to return at any time. Last month, however, a remarkable event occurred: Sherlee spotted her pet on the internet 12 years after he vanished.

She was scrolling through her news feed when she came across a message from a shelter.

Despite the fact that the kitty had changed significantly, Sherlee readily recognized him as her Elfie.

The lady hurriedly dialed the shelter’s number, and she was soon reunited with her missing pet.

Elfie could live in two different houses during his absence, according to the representatives of the shelter.

Despite this, he ended up in the city, where he was saved by shelter staff.

Elfie’s adventures have come to an end. Sherlee isn’t going to take her gaze away from him this time.

Perhaps now that he has all he desires, the kitty will stop fleeing from home in search of adventure.

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