Kitten enters the man’s flat, asks for food, and decides to remain and change his life

People believe they chose their animal friends, yet it is clearly the other way around. This is also true in Daniel’s case.

He had always known that sharing his life with a four-legged companion required a great deal of responsibility and a lifelong commitment.

So he had no immediate plans to adopt a dog or a cat. When he and Tunna first met, it was love at first sight.

Daniel was having a movie night at his flat with some of his friends when a stray kitten walked in.

‘She took a few steps back from the door, smelling the ground and keeping a close eye on us.’

Daniel guessed the cute little one lived on the streets based on the look of his fur. She, too, was without a collar.

He then made the decision to keep the kitten for the night, feed him, and give him a bath.

He had no idea that the small kitten would transform his life forever.

‘I couldn’t just let a stray kitten that came in walk away if I had the opportunity to help,’ he explained.

She stayed in my bed that night…and every night afterwards.

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