Kim Kardashian shared a picture without any filters or makeup: The star’s admirers praised her.

One of the celebrities that fans closely follow on social media is the 42-year-old influencer.

Additionally, the star is frequently criticized by fans for over-retouching her photos.

However, it now appears that the celebrity has decided to bet on being natural. She shared an ‘honest’ picture without makeup or filters on her blog.

The photo was taken during a dental appointment. For this visit, she settled on a comfortable dark pullover and wore her hair in a bun.

Fans were able to clearly see anything in the celebrity’s skin because the image was so clear. Also, they enjoyed it, obviously.

For fans who are accustomed to extensive retouching, such a ‘honest’ photo is refreshing.

They began to praise her bravery and pointed out that she does not require Photoshop to look good. This picture looks very natural and good.

‘Yes, that’s exactly what normal skin should look like – it’s not wax,’ she says, ‘I like that she takes a focus on natural beauty.’

When there is no stark contrast like her, it is much simpler to perceive oneself in reality.

She was requested by many of them to publish such images as frequently as possible.

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