Kim Kardashian is prepared to start a new relationship, but she has one requirement for her potential partner

Numerous journalists and Internet users followed the star’s personal life after her divorce from Kanye.

Pete’s affair with the reality TV star came to light later. Everyone was surprised by this couple.

The celebrity, on the other hand, seemed content to be with a new boyfriend. They still divorced, though.

She was simply not prepared for the relationship to become so serious so quickly, according to some.

Others insisted that the age gap was to blame. She remained alone for several months after that.

She appears to have made the decision to solely concentrate on her career and children.

However, she is now ready to return to the world of dates and new acquaintances, according to People journalists recently.

Reporters were informed of this by insiders. She hasn’t been with anyone recently. But she is prepared now.

After him, she made the decision to take a brief pause, but now she is interested in trying to go on a date again,’ said a source close to the star.

He also said that she doesn’t have any special needs. However, there is a condition that is very intriguing.

She wants to date someone who isn’t well-known in Hollywood.

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