Kid gets a large displaying contract after various organizations reject him

His mother was truly confused when a number of child modeling agencies refused to work with Noah.

The child did have Down syndrome, but despite that, he was a smart, charming, and caring boy.

That is, he possessed every quality that was required.

When she began receiving rejection after rejection from agencies, Maggie was surprised and upset.

The rationale was clear: Having Down syndrome, It turned out the agencies only invite the children with special needs to appear in advertisements for products and services for such children.

Because they are not included in the database, representatives of businesses are unable to even consider candidates who are special needs children.

Maggie started a Noah-specific Facebook page and began posting numerous photos of him.

Additionally, Maggie suggested Noah model for a major international children’s clothing brand. The open letter that Maggie wrote went viral immediately.

She was also contacted shortly by company representatives.

The company representative’s words were more than just words. Maggie said that she was not going to raise her son to be a supermodel.

She simply desired for him to grow up in a society in which he would have a place alongside the other people.

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