Kendall Jenner was spotted out with a well-known musician: During a date, the couple was filmed by the paparazzi

She finished her two-year relationship with her boyfriend this summer.

The insider then emphasized that the model and the athlete discussed their future together and realized that they have very different perspectives on it.

According to insiders, ‘She feels like they’re going their separate ways.’

This couple was observed together numerous times. However, despite the fans’ hopes, the celebrities did not get along.

Because she has a particular interest toward basketball players, Internet users were certain that another athlete would become her new favorite over time.

However, a celebrity blogger recently reported that the model’s boyfriend was the musician BB.

Her information indicates that the couple has already been spotted on multiple dates.

They also didn’t keep their romantic feelings to themselves. Until recently, however, paparazzi photographs were prohibited.

She went on a date with her new boyfriend on February 19, bringing along Justin and her wife.

However, the fact that four of the celebrities ate dinner already dismissed all doubts.

She also wore a black top and straight brown leather trousers on a date. She added a leather jacket to her look.

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