KendaII Jenner celebrates her 27th birthday in the most unusual way, surprising both her family and her fans

The supermodel and her sisters have never been the same. This was no different. She was done with, according to some sources, with her busy social life and high-profile events.

As a result, she and her boyfriend celebrated her birthday at a family villa in California.

The pretty woman appears to have spent her happy day taking in the stunning view, as evidenced by the pictures she shared on social media.

The birthday girl meditated and ate a cake in a stylish dress, in contrast to other members of the famous family, whose celebrations are just always remembered by the public for their imaginative attire and incredible scope.

It is interesting to note that she used to celebrate this day with more pomp and circumstance by organizing themed parties for a wide range of friends.

The girl may have been influenced by a basketball player’s relationship.

Keep in mind that Jenner and Booker first started talking about their romance in 2020.

He became the model’s first boyfriend, and she showed him on the blog.

After the couple decided to stay friends last summer, the press started talking about it, and the celebrities were seen together again after a while.

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