Just a few days before her wedding, the bride-to-be finds a package from a complete stranger on her kitchen table

Mary and her fiancé Henry were getting ready for the wedding, which would be the most significant day of their lives.

Everything was planned out in advance. But one day they got a package that changed how their celebration went.

People whose parents bore the same names as the protagonists of this tale, Marie and Henry, sent them the letter and glasses.

The future newlyweds’ children claimed that they were unaware of the couple. The registry of wedding gifts provided them with the bride and groom’s address.

Strangers immediately decided to send them glasses that belonged to their parents as a present.

In addition, the letter stated that the parents of the glasses’ senders had been happily married for 62 years.

They always looked out for one another and loved each other very much.

Henry and Marie Feller were their names.

After their parents left, the children of Henry and Marie Feller decided to give their wedding glasses to a couple whose names were the same as their parents’.

They want to perform the same surprise for a young couple with their names when they get older.

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