JuIianne Moore showed a stylish image and fans doubted that she is really 61 years old

The fact that she looks incredible cannot be disputed.

Many fans say that every year the actress becomes more and more beautiful, as if ignoring age-related skin changes and the laws of nature.

By the way, judging by the latest photos of the star, they are absolutely right.

So, when the star posted a new picture on Instagram, fans doubted that she was really 61 years old.

In the photo, she poses in a simple but incredibly stylish outfit.

The star wore a white turtleneck knit sweater, which gave the image an extra freshness , thus lengthening the already long legs.

‘You are not 60 years old. This is a fraud!’, ‘How beautiful you are, my God’, ‘Honestly, I didn’t think you could look like that at your age’, ‘Wow , you are simply an irresistible woman’, ‘You are the cutest and most beautiful’, — Internet users commented on the post.

Also, some fans noted that in many respects, the youthful image of the star is due to the right clothes.

‘The outfit of an influencer, but that’s the point’, ‘You need to remain a rebel at any age. At least in style. Bravo!’ fans wrote.

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