Jlo and her husband dispel rumors of disagreement and get stunning tattoos in memory of one another

Internet users were concerned about the two’s relationship not too long ago. The fact of the matter is that a few guests at the Grammy ceremony were able to record the couple’s behavior.

Additionally, it baffled some.

On the other hand, her fans were of the opinion that she put pressure on her husband, which made him appear more interested.

Moreover, he is already aware that he has become a web meme. He only yelled, ‘Not again!’ when his bored face went viral online.

However, in the end, his behavior remained unchanged. Later, it became clear that spouses find humor in such memes. It appears that they still observed Valentine’s Day on February 14.

In addition, they decided to give each other a special present: as a tribute to the other half, each spouse now has a paired tattoo.

She shared the news on her social media accounts, displaying touching and romantic photographs.

It pleased her fans to learn that her relationship with him is going well. The star’s fans commented, ‘Such a good couple,’

‘Still, sometimes you need to spend 20 years apart to understand that you are made for each other.’

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