J-Lo, 53, caused controversy online by displaying her natural appearance

The American entertainer and artist has been standing out as truly newsworthy for more than 30 years.

J-Lo has a long list of roles in movies, songs, photo shoots, and performances. However, such behavior typically has repercussions.

They will either accuse you of using too much Photoshop or, conversely, they will criticize you for being honest.

In this way, J-Lo featured in the Appeal magazine project, where she showed how she was getting ready for the Met Celebration 2023.

The celebrity appeared at the beginning of the video without any makeup on and wearing a terry headband.

Generally, Ben Affleck’s view of her in the morning.

However, netizens, accustomed to seeing J-Lo only in a lot of makeup, immediately criticized her.

The user commented, ‘She is finally starting to look her age.’ Another added, ‘She uses filters everywhere because she is very afraid of getting old.

And why did she constantly deceive people? So she showed her real face,’ a different person jokingly observed.

To be fair, we should note that J-Lo looks much younger than many of her famous peers and is a staunch advocate for a healthy lifestyle. As a general rule, envy is something precarious.

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