It’s priceless how ‘Grandma Di’ made Little Archie feel. Very touching

Archie’s expression as he notices the photo of ‘Grandma Diana’ displayed in their home is adorable.

Megan demonstrates a photo of Princess Di that is up on baby Archie’s bedroom wall in a music video for the upcoming series.

Their love story as well as their experiences as senior royals are detailed in the first season of the Netflix series, which debuted on Thursday.

For instance, Megan reveals to Archie a portrait of Lady Di that is up on his room wall in the opening episode.

Who or what is it? Archie, who was chattering and holding a framed image of Princess Diana, attracted Meghan’s attention.

Megan introduced Diana, Archie’s grandma, as the representative when she answered the phone. Harry claims that because of the image, His first word was ‘grand.’

Diane, a grandma, adds, ‘It’s the most beautiful thing, but it also upsets me because it should be there.’

Prince Harry made a comment about how much Meghan resembles him or his mother before the clip of the two.

Harry goes on: ‘She shares my sense of empathy, sensitivity, and self-assurance. She has a strong resemblance to my mum.’

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