It’s amazing how cats can develop into gorgeous animals from kittens who never leave each other

Help was required for two kittens in Canada whose mother had left them.

The kitties were advertised on social media in the hopes that a kind someone would take them in.

When Maria saw the article, she phoned the kittens’ parents right away.

The Ontario, Canada-based cat rescue group was founded by Maria. Since their mother had left them, it had been four weeks.

‘I concluded from the photo that I had to preserve them,’ she said. I left that morning for Canada to pick up these kitties.

When the kittens were picked up, they did not know what was going on, but as soon as they got to their new house, they started to eat and sleep peacefully on their new bed.

After having a much-needed wash, the kittens, Ivy (black and white) and Indi (gray), were ready to explore the surroundings.

Maria observed a special bond between the two youngsters. They couldn’t be parted, and as time went on, their appetites grew to the point that they started requesting food approximately every two hours. Cats are really nature’s gift to us.

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