It’s a touching moment. It’s adorable when a cub hugs and plays with its mommy

Recent images taken by a nature photographer show the amazing scene a loving cub gave its mommy the most delicate hugs.

A brief emotional moment between the mother and cub occurs, during which the cub seems to be hugging the lioness.

Fortunately, a photographer was present at the ideal moment to record the beautiful image on camera.

A lion cub and his mother shared the most sweet moment while the 41-year-old photographer was watching them.

She added that the entire situation was really intense, despite the fact that the image is as amazing as it can be.

The cubs had the chance to play freely and spend lots of time with their mothers.

The photographer explained, ‘The lioness was the mother of the cub she was playing with. ‘

Despite having a lot of expertise as a photographer, she claimed to have never had the opportunity to have such a close and unique meeting with lions.

It’s one of the most enjoyable and fascinating lessons I’ve learned about nature, she remarked.

‘I was very excited to spend the entire hour with the lions till sunset.

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