It was pouring outside when she discovered joy in the face of a little cat

A little and adorable one-day-old cat was discovered creeping alone down a walkway after heavy rain. A kind-hearted woman took him in and replaced the mother he had lost. Bruno was the kitten’s name.

Kaethlyn discovered something barely moving on the asphalt while walking home after a rain that day.

She initially mistook it for a mouse, but upon closer study, she discovered a little kitten with an intact umbilical cord.

‘He didn’t squeal when I discovered him; he merely crept around, as if looking for his mother,’ Kaethlyn explained.

She brought him home and fed him; he was starving. Kaethlyn devoted her entire attention to the kitten’s care.

She had to get up in the middle of the night to feed him. When young Bruno was hungry, his voice was louder than any alarm clock, thus the girl didn’t need an alarm clock.

Kaethlyn used to bring the infant to work with her.

Despite the fact that Kaethlyn and her family had no plans to purchase a second cat, she opted to keep the kitten. Amazing story, isn’t it?

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