Introducing Gucci, the miniature horse that is smaller than her family of dogs

Gucci stands out from her siblings since they are all puppies while she is a little horse.

But despite their differences, they all genuinely care for one another. Soon after her birth, Gucci was adopted into the family.

The adorable newborn girl’s biological mother left her since she was born with a condition.

The owner of his mother then got in touch with the creators of a foundation that helps small horses.

Little Gucci was suddenly adopted into their devoted family after they agreed to care for him.

Her new little sister has developed a special bond with one of her new siblings, a loving Labrador, for whom Gucci feels like a group member.

Even though Gucci is smaller than her siblings, she adores her entire family and enjoys running and playing with them.

What an actual cutie, right? No matter how you look, you are always worthy of love by people who care about you.

We’ve gathered some of the cutest images and this cutie and her lovely family below. Having fun! Do you like it? Let us know.

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