Instead of buying an apartment, the woman decided to move to an empty city and live alone

Ella discovered five years ago that her earnings hardly covered the cost of a small studio.

The entire city was still worth the same amount of money. The woman bought an empty city rather than a rental and moved there without much thought.

It doesn’t appear to be a city at all. The majestic mountains can be seen from the windows of this collection of forgotten homes.

Ella happened to drive by the town and noticed a price on one of the houses.

Ella reasoned that ‘it seems to be the only house in the entire country that suits my budget.’

In fact, the area’s apparent owner was more than happy to sell the area.

A few years later, after Ela’s tale appeared in numerous magazines, travelers became aware of the city.

They occasionally visit to look at her, allowing the woman to support herself in her own city.

Nobody wants to live in a remote area. But for some, the absence of individuals is actually a big positive.

Would you like to live in such a place or not?

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