Incredible photographs show the awe of a whale releasing a rainbow into the air

This is the amazing moment when two whales approach a group of tourists who are ‘releasing rainbows’ in the air.

This unsuspecting bunch of visitors in Lahaina, Hawaii, are in for a surprise as they return to the beach following a day of scuba diving.

A couple curious humpback whales greet them as they return by swimming alongside their boat.

As if being within inches from these extraordinary creatures weren’t thrilling enough, the enormous mammals later emerge from the water’s surface, releasing air from their holes to produce an amazing rainbow above their heads.

To the amazement of the tourists, the pair of whales regularly performs a remarkable trick in which various shades of red, orange, yellow, and green are hung in the air by the water mist the whales produce.

Initially 300 feet away, the whales steadily approached the ship until they were right by it.

‘I was able to enjoy these wonderful animals’ size and magnificence in their entirety.

It is the most amazing and interesting sight I have ever seen, and we couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

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