In the winter, a kind dentist helps stray cats and dogs in his own time

Mehmet, a kind dentist from Istanbul, Turkey, was observed on the streets rescuing stray animals.

He became interested in this after watching an emotional video on social media.

The man is reportedly moving around nearby neighborhoods to warm pups and kittens, according to Daily Mail.

He even gave blankets to local shops and animal lovers to build a wider network of allies. I saw stray dogs in my neighborhood, Mehmet added.

I used woolen blankets from my residence to cover the street animals that were sleeping in front of the building.

He told his buddies about this situation.

‘The residents of Istanbul have been given this dentist’s and his friends’ contact information so they may return the blankets if they couldn’t wash them and keep the city clean,’ we started to work.

People’s perspectives on life would shift as a result of this activity.

Street animals will demonstrate this kindness, joy, and genuineness for humans.

Mehmet rescued stray animals in front of residences and businesses throughout the summer. This campaign for Acts of Kindness is open to everyone. Nice, isn’t it?

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