In order to transport her grandson to and from school, an old grandma walks 24 kilometers per day

We are all aware that heroic acts are motivated by love. And it goes beyond Hollywood films.

When it comes to their own children, anyone can make a fairy tale come true.

For the past four years, Shin Yuling, 76, has been walking her grandson Xiao Hawken to school every day on a mountain trail.

24 kilometers, that is. He requires constant care. Shin claimed that he was diagnosed at the age of two.

His parents tried to treat him, but all they got was a lot of debt. His mother married a different man when the child was 4 years old, and his dad now works in a different city.

As a result, his grandmother, who initially carried him on a bicycle until the family received a wheelchair in July 2017, is always by his side.

She picks him up and takes him twice to school each day.

Grams is strong because she has faith in her grandson. She is certain that Hawken will succeed despite everything because he is a smart boy.

He excels particularly in mathematics. Shin truly believes and hopes that she will be able to locate a suitable school for Hawken.

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