In order to marry her lawyer, this girl gave up her royal title

Next year, Princess Sachiko will get married. One of the country’s best lawyers is her future husband.

He is so well-known that many people yearn to work together. In fact, the husband will probably be sent to work in the United States.

In his home country, the young man spent a few years at a prestigious law firm.

He was informed by his coworkers that recruiters were going to provide him with a position with an American company.

After the wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Miyazaki are likely to travel to the United States.

They have been together for about eight years and have had several chances to talk about how they feel.

Because the princess’s grandmother doesn’t really like her granddaughter, her family disagreed about who she should marry when it came time for her to choose a husband.

Due to the couple’s state, the wedding that was scheduled for last year was postponed ‘indefinitely.’

However, the princess and her chosen one recently made the announcement that they will finally wed.

The princess’s family has decided to wed in Japan, where the wedding will take place at the end of the year.

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