In new photos, fans could not differentiate the ‘House’ star. Hugh Laurle was filmed walking the dog by the paparazzi

For eight years, the drama about a brilliant doctor and diagnostician was filmed. What’s more, they attempt to rehash its prosperity right up ’til now.

He was paid a great deal back then, about 250 million pounds per episode. However, his career began to slowly deteriorate after the series.

He doesn’t appear to care, though. He films TV shows, performs in concerts as a musician and pianist, and occasionally agrees to episodic roles.

The actor is also actively involved in other activities. He does, however, not at all resemble the doctor we remember.

He was recently filmed on camera by the paparazzi while he was out walking his dog in the northern part of London.

The actor matched the top with sneakers. However, his physical appearance received more attention than his attire.

So unkempt and overgrown,’ ‘Is this really Doc?’,’ He has the right, in my opinion, to look the way he wants to,’ and ‘I like him by anyone.’

In the end, he wasn’t loved just because he was pretty,’ Netizens discuss in the comments. What do you think about this story?

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