In Madrid, Tim and Monicca Belluci spent the weekend together: Their love affair was finally known

Together, they savored every moment of their romantic getaway to Madrid.

As a result, it was evident that the two were out and about taking in the sounds and sights of the Spanish capital.

It was evident that the lovebirds were taking full advantage of their time away from home because they appeared so content and happy.

Who would have thought that these two opposite celebrities could fall in love? An enthusiasm shocks everybody.

He and the actress traveled to Madrid for an event the same week. The news was picked up by the French media and talked about everywhere.

Media like Here, and additionally, have divulged the sentiment without trying to hide.

They then went to a Spanish institution to see a magnificent flamenco performance.

For a newlywed couple just starting their relationship, Madrid is an exquisite city.

You can make memories that you’ll never forget. The director and the actress have been friends for a long time.

Why didn’t they communicate with one another sooner? In 2006, they met at the Cannes Film Festival.

They didn’t really know each other very well, but their magical moment came at an event.

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