In Los Angeles, a 5-year-old boy became a volunteer lifeguard. You need to see this

When Masion saw his 2-year-old brother plunge into the garden pond, he was at home. Masion rushed into the garden to rescue his brother, wasting no time.

He was able to hold on to the young boy in the pool and keep his head above water until the adults came to his aid.

After that, the boy’s father informed his wife and called for assistance. The 911 call was recorded as follows: My wife just told me that my son got into the swimming pool.

Fortunately, he was rescued from the pool in time because my older brother acted quickly.

A boy of 5 who was asked to come and help out during training was praised for his heroism.

He was permitted to assist a senior worker in a lifeguard uniform.

The boy was given an award and made a volunteer lifeguard and paramedic by the chief.

According to Masion’s grandfather, they typically had a fence around their swimming pool at home, but it was temporarily taken down while they were renovating.

He claimed that Maison is an intelligent child who already knows how to swim.

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