In India, a monkey ‘adopted’ a puppy and raised him as if he were a real child

After taking care of a puppy, a monkey residing near the Indian city of Errode became renowned on Facebook.

An online user shared pictures of animals on social media. The puppy was entirely embraced by the monkey’s protection.

The monkey never lets go of him, leaping from branch to tree with the pup.

She also tries to feed the baby by providing him things like a bunch of grapes.

She let the dog eat first when passers-by offered the couple a bowl of milk.

One of the passers-by who witnessed the monkey and dog commented, ‘People who see them often say that their affection is mutual.’

He also assumed that the monkey has most likely lost her own, which she associates with the puppy.

These monkeys are the most prevalent primates on the planet; they may be found in Pakistan, India, South China, and the Indochina countries, and they live in enormous numbers in cities.

They are considered sacred animals by the Indians. Females have a 165-day pregnancy and give birth to one cub, which the mother cares for for up to a year and guards.

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