In 17 years, Jared Leto acknowledged not doing what everyone else does regularly

It turns out that Jared Leto’s character is solid and unmovable, like a rock, despite his romantic appearance.

The actor made an interesting confession the other day when he appeared on the Joe Wylie show on the leading British radio station Radio 2.

The handsome man revealed that he had not cried in nearly 17 years in response to a question about which songs moved him to tears.

When I broke my big toe, I wept for the last time. I resemble a lizard in general. My tear glands may not be functioning properly.

Or is it possible that I shed all tears during the production of ‘Requiem for a Dream’? I cried so much,’ Jared Leto shares.

With the optimistic title ‘It’s the End of the World But It’s a Beautiful Day,’ he promoted 30 Seconds To Mars’ sixth studio album, which is scheduled for release in September.

Keep in mind that fans were not treated to new music from the rockers for almost five years.

The fact that Jared’s personal and professional life are both in full swing is generally gratifying. Of course, he has also protected his toes for the past 17 years.

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