‘I’m merely a puppet’: In an interview, Plque spoke for the first time about his new, young gf

It would appear that ex-wife will release multiple intriguing new tracks in the near future. He recently gave his first interview about his relationship with his new lover.

Keep in mind that a month ago, he shared the first joint photo he took with his chosen one on social media, which brought about a real uproar in his address.

Therefore, it wouldn’t even surprise us if a similar reaction occurred now. In fact, I always accompany her shopping and wear what she selects.

He clarified, ‘I’m just a puppet.’ Moreover, this is very similar to reality.

They have been photographed numerous times in various clothing stores by the paparazzi.

It’s interesting that he talked about his ex-wife in the same interview. He acknowledged that the most well-known person he had ever met outside of the football community was his former lover.

Additionally, he referred to Cristiano as the greatest football player.

However, the athlete immediately stated that he evaluates ‘famousness’ solely based on the number of social media followers.

He probably would name Messi, with whom he played for many years at Barcelona and became very close friends, as the ‘best player’ he has ever seen.

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