‘I’m accustomed,’ says the woman who gave birth to her 12th child

She calls her house full and even admits to being accustomed… After all, Meela just returned from the hospital with her twelfth child!

Meela married when she was 16 years old. She and her husband had a lot in common, including the fact that he had always wanted a large family.

After having given birth to so many children, it appears that a woman should treat this as something ordinary and simple.

But Meela says she is always confused and worried because no one knows how everything will turn out.

And how difficult it was the first time, with newborn babies.

Of course, there are already elderly children in the family who are eager to assist; they can move and clean, hang clothes, or prepare a simple meal.

However, in addition to the twelve children, there are cats and dogs in the house.

So why didn’t Meela and her husband have two or three children? However, Meela claims that the twelfth baby will be the last!

She did, in fact, speak after the seventh. But the family’s father stated long ago that he was set for at least twenty years!

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