If Prince Harry does not meet her requirements, Meghan Markle has stated that she will divorce him

To determine who leads the family and who follows, you don’t have to be a profiler. The Duchess is always aware of her requirements and takes on a variety of tasks.

However, he occasionally adjusts to his wife. If he continued to conceal their relationship, she informed him that she would leave him.

A source stated: She advised: I will divorce you if you don’t officially declare that I am your girlfriend.’

‘ Another insider claims that the prince was overcome with overwhelming emotions and kept repeating that his beloved was leaving him.

Harry contacted a secretary and requested a statement from him confirming that she was his girlfriend.

She needed public proof that their relationship was serious. According to the Daily Mail, ‘She was convinced that the palace was unwilling to protect her from the media .’

He also says that she didn’t understand the point of all the people going out greeting and talking to strangers, even though she enjoyed being the center of attention.

At least once, according to several employees, she said, ‘I can’t believe I’m not getting paid for this.’

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