Identical triplets were born, and many years later, they are famous models

Diana, Liana, and Brianna were born in 1988. As such, from the moment of their birth, neither their parents nor anybody else could distinguish the three sisters from one another.

The twins not only maintained their distinct resemblance as they grew older, but they also developed into true beauty.

They consequently received their first job offer in the fashion sector at the age of 10. They are well-known models.

Sisters take part in press conferences, TV appearances, and fashion displays.

Their activities are considerable, as seen by the frequent appearance of their images on magazine covers.

All of this not only earns them some recognition and also money, but it also places a few certain limitations on the twins’ lives just because their main characteristic is individuality rather than beauty.

They all need to do the same things together.

Even though Brianna, Liana, and Diana are all three distinct individuals, their lives are remarkably similar.

They go for a run together to start the day, and then they have the same breakfast. Their food is the same as pizza from the same restaurant group, when they do so.

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