‘I have never seen her eat,’ I said. Victoria Backham’s diet is discussed by her colleague

It is not a secret that she takes her appearance very seriously. She works out frequently and tries to eat well.

I have a lot of feelings about food. I want everyone to taste what I enjoy when I taste it.

Sadly, however, I have been married to a woman who consumes the same foods for 25 years.

She has been consuming steamed vegetables and fried fish since I first met her. And rarely departs from this,’ David stated.

Rio Ferdinand, a coworker and friend of his, recently told reporters that he had never seen her consume anything. I don’t really recall that particular time.

And to tell you the truth, I have a great memory,’ he insisted. He agreed with this statement when asked if he thinks Beckham is a nice woman.

In addition, Victoria herself does not deny that she adheres to some rather nutritional guidelines.

She insists that everything she does is in general. For instance, Beckham typically trains twice per day, once in the early morning and once in the evening.

In an interview with reporters, the celebrity provided an explanation. ‘I try to prioritize healthy fats.’

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