‘I don’t like any of you.’ An introvert dog would rather sit on a bar chair like a human and observe others from above

In the state of Carolina, there is a dog with an odd temperament, one that is more like a cat because of its independence.

The dog is overly reserved, preferring not to play with his species instead sitting proudly on a chair, watching them from the ground up.

Paco’s owner frequently takes him for a stroll and she can’t help herself and snaps many photos of her pet ‘having fun.’ His face is filled with contempt and indifference toward everything.

However, the owner has her own theories as to why her dog is acting so strangely. He believes Paco acts this way to show other dogs that he is more comfortable sitting in a chair and enjoys looking down on them.

She said, ‘He liked to climb on a stool, drive like a person, and generally imitate human customs from an early age.’

He now prefers to sit on chairs, but bar counters are his absolute favorite.

When Paco drives a car, he sits in the front seat like a human, his palm out the window. At the same time, the dog is extremely sociable.

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