Husky named Hero Baner became the adoptive mother of seven kittens she found left in the forest

Baner, a 4-year-old Husky, has been her lovely human’s best companion and support system since she was a young child.

Baner has been trained by her owner to help her in a variety of ways. But this brilliant dog is capable of much more than that. Baner is a decent dog.

She helped many throughout the years, especially kittens. Evidently, Husky is a big fan of kittens.

Three years ago, Baner found a small kitten and helped her. She looked after her, who continues to reside with them.

Later, she took on the role as adoptive mother to almost ten additional kittens.

Recently, though, a unique rescue had a huge effect on both the owner and Baner. The canine discovered something as they were walking.

There were seven tiny, one-old-day kittens. Since the kind woman didn’t want to leave them in the shelter, she brought them to her cozy house until they could be adopted.

Baner became their adoptive mother by spending the entire day with them.

Baner is a true hero who is always willing to assist anyone in need.

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