How to converse with other animals. Have you ever thought about what your own family pet might be thinking?

Animals, including humans, can communicate with one another through their bodies and vocal chords in a variety of ways.

Your relationship with your pet will improve if you can communicate with him. Speak to your pet.

Your pet can at least pick up on the tone of your own voice and your body language when you talk to him, even if he doesn’t exactly understand what you’re saying.

For instance, if you speak to him with a firm tone, he might sense that you are upset with his actions.

When you give him a command, speak to him in a strong voice and let him know he should do what you tell him.

Communicate with your pet nonverbally. In training, nonverbal communication is often used to teach your pet to do something.

If you were sitting on your horse, for instance, you would use your legs and hands to tell it to turn on the forehand.

To actually give your dog the ‘sit’ command, you would use communication methods (hand signals) to teach him to sit. What do you think about this one?

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