How to be a good friend for prople around you. Suggestions from specialists

It’s not always easy to be a good friend, but making the effort to cultivate a long-lasting friendship is well worth it.

Keep what you say. Promises that you can’t keep should never be made, or at least shouldn’t become routine.

Explain the situation if you say you’ll spend time with a friend and there is a legitimate conflict.

Give your friend a gift and express your regret if you are unable to attend.

If this keeps happening over time, people will probably think you are not trustworthy.

Keep your word if you made an important promise to a friend or you risk losing them.

Be considerate. Being open and supportive of one another is a sign of respect for one another among friends.

Respect your friend’s choices and be open to learning more about them if they don’t align with your own values and beliefs.

If you want your friend to trust you, they should be able to talk about new points of view or voice opinions that you might not agree with.

Learn to listen well.

Take the time to truly comprehend and support your friend when they are talking to you rather than monopolizing the conversation.

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